Grim Reaper's Gambit

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Grim Reaper's Gambit

Post  James on Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:43 am

A Few Points

* The voting system was removed, largely because it served no purpose other than to be a nod to Danganronpa, which honestly isn't interesting enough to me to warrant such a system existing in GRG. Not only can the intellectual debating and deduction arguments still happen between the protagonists without this system, but the voting system killing off characters would also have cheapened half of the possible deaths and made them less dynamic. Though discussion with one of the members of the original crew resulted in the decision, I was leaning towards it even during the interest check phase.

* One of the many things making this role-play stand out is the way murders are done. In a more common, less creative murder role-play, the murders would be pre-planned out in advance by the GM/victim/murderer and basically feel forced/scripted/et cetera, more or less cheapening them to something akin to letting dice rolls dictate the flow of battle instead of letting IC determine it. In GRG, the murders happen in real time through a secretive murder system, and IC development determines everything. The players can all participate in psychological warfare and secretly battle each other without anyone ever knowing if someone is actively planning their demise. Through this system, the murder system is extremely realistic, in-depth, and alive. This is how combat is dealt with when it isn't a more public and direct confrontation.
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