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Temporary Storage

Post  James on Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:23 am

The idea in my mind is that the role-play section (specifically, the non-GA setting section) will include a forum for interest checks, a forum for 'small role-plays' which are basically ones that don't need a forum, and then a forum where big individual role-plays store their forums. There'll be an FAQ to explain how the big role-plays work and what people need to do to have them created.

In general, my idea is that big role-plays that require a forum will have a thread for IC, a thread for OOC, a 'Master Thread' (which is basically like the first post of the OOC I had for GRG on RPGuild), and a 'character tab' thread. Depending on the complexity of the role-play, I'm considering a mini-forum being added as well which will store each players Private CS information, unless I decide PM works, and these will be password protected, but it's all an idea so far.

Anyway... some threads I'll be creating:

Threads (Names Pending)

Official Hang-out Thread: Should be self-explanatory what this is for.

Who is the Murderer?: Should be obvious.

Code Legend: An FAQ. Unless we manage to have all of the codes the site uses as buttons, I'll be making a tutorial.

Site Rules: Obvious.

Forums (Names Pending)

Games: Since we don't want a spam forum, this would be where the games that spam has would go.

General Discussion: Basically the main 'OOC Discussion' area, and will include a hang-out thread. I'm inclined to say this will also be for role-playing discussion, since I think a forum for that exclusively is needless.

Gallery: Place where people can post their art, writing, et cetera. It'll also be where they could open up 'shops'.

Suggestions/Problems: Obvious.

News/Announcements Obvious.

Introductions/Status: Might be multiple sections, but might not. Status is so people can let us know if they'll be MIA or if they're leaving.

Rules/FAQs: Obvious.

Freeform RP: Obvious.

GA RP: For GA role-play specifically. Will likely include sub-forums for character registration, main GA role-play, other GA role-play, and also a 'spin-off' related section for projects like Grim Reaper's Gambit.

GA Wiki (Public): a place where any information from the Private GA Wiki that's made public goes.

I'm also considering a 'GA Discussion' area for the site.
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